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There have been escorts available in London for as long as anyone can remember. They come to London from all over the world. This allows the average escort hobbyist the choice from a massive range of girls, all with their own national characteristics, as well as their individual charms. With so much choice available these days in the business, some people believe that our very own British call girls are getting lost in the crowd. We have to say that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

There has been a massive increase in the number of Eastern European girls coming to London to work as escorts. The huge increase has been going on for at least a couple of decades now. Whilst some people have seen this as an “invasion” and viewed it unfavourably, we have embraced the fact with open arms. We know that many of you have too (quite literally), and you share our opinions when it comes to foreign girls coming to London to work.

Are there too many Euro girls?

Those that dislike the influx of European girls argue that their presence here in London, makes it more difficult for British escorts. This is not true. British girls are doing just as well in this business, it’s just that these days, they are a little more choosy where they advertise. Many years ago, most girls would have been British girls, but with the introduction of some really hot Russian escorts, and those from Europe and South America, British girls have become more of a specialist category at agencies like BabylonGirls for example.

Agencies like ours are what we like to term as “volume” agencies. Meaning of course that we like to focus on having more girls available, so the client has a greater choice. Over the years, this has been primarily European girls. Then we have had a large increase in Russian girls, and so on. This may have put British women off listing with us over time, but we still have some very desirable English girls, and more and more are now deciding to join up. They are joining up now because they can clearly see that Babylon Girls is an agency that will get them bookings.

British representation

British girls have basically become represented by agencies that focus mainly on British escorts. It’s kind of why European girls list with Babylon. They will always end up going where others of the same kind are, because they believe that’s where the demand is. This is also a mistake, yet highly understandable. The British girls out there have no idea how much we get asked if we have more British girls available. The only thing that puts them off signing up with us most of the time is the sheer volume of other nationalities we have. But that’s on them really, to be fair. It shouldn’t be intimidating to have so much competition, and we believe that the more competition an escort gets, the better her performance and attitude to her work will be. In this business it’s important to stand out.

British girls stand out!

This is the case with so many of them. Regardless of which other nationalities are listed, the British girls will always stand out among all the others because they are so hotly desired. Many men want to book British girls, and these are not just British men either. As well as their flawless English beauty, a British girl is very useful when you’re a visitor here from another country. She can accompany you to dinner or another engagement, and they are very knowledgeable about all the best places in the city.

Try an escort from anywhere in the world with Babylon Girls

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