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Creating an application presenting your brand is not enough. It is necessary to attract the attention of potential customers, therefore, before launching, a review of the marketing strategy is required. Today we’ll tell you 9 non-standard ways to promote the application, which you might not know about. 

1. Application Market Tracking 

Even if before creating your own application you did not come across this market, the analytical component of the process is not much different from the analysis of other marketing activities. Nevertheless, the knowledge of the correct indicators for your application is important, among them the inclusion of the rating of the application store, the average duration of the user session, the influx of new users and their loyalty, the cost of downloading. Depending on the type of product, some metrics will be more important than others. For example, for a gaming application, the duration of a session and the frequency of its playback are two key indicators.

The most popular categories on the App Store for January 2018. According to Statista. 

2. Pre-release marketing 

Mobile application market strategies may be different for different niches, but invariably they should include a reliable advertising campaign before launch. That is, your marketing efforts need to start long before the actual product availability. According to some reports, it’s advisable to start the launch of advertising along with the start of development – let people talk about your concept, maybe their advice will be useful. 

3. Launching a landing page for advertising

One of the ways to effectively promote your mobile application is to cross-promote on different channels in which your brand is already present. Most likely, it will be useful to create a small landing page that represents all your unique offers and the motivation why the application should be downloaded. The same landing page can be promoted with the help of SEO-methods, and get traffic, which over time will grow into the number of downloads. 

4. Cross-promotion on different advertising channels 

You can also cross-promote your app across multiple channels where the brand is already present. For example, run a landing page, as an addition to your standard site, or order banner advertising for the application. You can encourage users to download the application by promising bonuses in your store (if you are engaged in e-commerce). The pages on social networks should regularly mention the new product and its benefits for customers.

An example of the announcement of the application site HeadHunter

5. Partnership with mobile app development experts 

You may have full confidence in the experience of your own team, but a fresh look will never hurt, and partnership with experts in creating and promoting mobile applications is all the more so. 

6. Creating a positive user experience 

What can attract your target audience to the application and turn visitors into users? One of the main factors is an attractive and convenient interface. The development process needs to focus especially on usability in order to create a positive user experience. With millions of applications existing on the market, it will not be easy to stand out, but it is possible that the UX design will become your unique offer. 

7. Matching promotions to events in your business niche 

Major events in your business niche have a big impact on your target audience. If your strategy is intertwined with these events and some marketing activities can be timed to coincide with them, there is a chance to get a little more publicity. 

8. SEO traffic and paid impressions 

Paid ads help increase the visibility of the application, make it visible and recognizable to all users, but you should not focus on this item only. Marketing efforts should also be aimed at ASO-activity in order to attract the target audience and stay in the top. 

9. Search for opinion leaders 

Today, in the age of development of social networks, in almost every field you can find an opinion leader. The recall of a person who has a certain authority with the audience can completely “make” the fate of the application, or break everything that has been started at the root. The most sensible way would be to agree on advertising with several authorities – these may be bloggers with an audience of about 100,000 subscribers. Such a decision can become more productive than advertising with a millionaire blogger both in price and in return. 

We talked about 9 ways to promote your mobile product that will help to achieve success. If you need help in developing mobile marketing, write to our mail

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